This Cat Is A Certified Shot-Stopper

You didn't think cats can play soccer? Cats can play soccer.

This cat would start for like 15 different teams in the Premier League right now.

Natturally, we are inclined to try and come up with a name for the cat, so here are 10 cat-soccer goalie names for the owner to ponder if he/she/they ever read this. What? Our boss is on vacation.

1. Meownuel Neuer

2. Clawdio Bravo 

3. Tim Meoward

4. Tony Meowla (yes, yes, we know he's retired, but that was low-hanging fruit)

5. Catsper Schmeichel

6. Simeown Meowgnolet

7. Joe Hart

8. Oliver Kahn, but, like, Oliver from the movie Oliver and Company

9. Mr. Nibbles

10. Petr Cech the drapes to make sure the damn cat didn't rip them up

Well there you go, there are no losers on this list, unless you have 10 cats and name one cat each cat name we made up.

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