Lucas Leiva Scored A Great Backheel Goal For Lazio

If Lucas Leiva is known for one thing, it's scoring amazing goals in European competition. Trust me on this. No, don't look it up.

Lucas added to his CONSIDERABLE GOALSCORING REPUTATION Thursday for Lazio. The former Liverpool man scored a backheel (!!!!!!!!!) in the Europa League.

Lucas spent 10 years at Liverpool before moving to Lazio this summer. The Brazilian midfielder is not actually known for scoring goals. I was telling a fib there up above. Sorry. He's more known for garnering unnecessary yellow cards and being a nice guy off the field. If anyone deserves to score a cool goal, it's Lucas.

It looks like Zulte-Waragem were a little bit . . . unluckyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Yes, I know Lazio lost, but they advanced and Lucas scored and that's all I care about.

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