This Little Kid Was Caught Red-Handed By Security, But Messi Gave Him The Moment Of A Lifetime

Messi will not be denied by security guards.

Messi is an icon, so everywhere Messi goes, folks are trying to get close to him. One little lad in Montevideo, where Messi and the Argentinian National Team are preparing for a World Cup qualifier against Uruguay, tried to get close to the best footballer in the world, but was thwarted by security.

Or so he thought.

What a range of emotions that little guy must have experienced! He's near his idol, then cruelly snatched away by the hands of fate in the form of some burly security guards, only to be rescued by the man he was there to see in the first place. And then he gets a picture with Messi.

They say you should never meet your heroes, but it worked out for the better this time.

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