Leicester City, Early Favorites For Relegation, Begin Preseason Training

Leicester City kick-off their 2016-17 Premier League season on Saturday, August 13th against Hull City. The Foxes are 30/1 long shots to win the Premier League, but they’re tipped at 25/1 to be relegated from the division. To prepare, some poor sap has foot the bill to have them flown abroad to train in Austria. What a giant waste of time.

Leicester City, for those not in the know of English football, are a teeny-tiny club in the East Midlands (i.e. the middle) of England. They miraculously staved off relegation last year, and those plucky, midway bastards are back at it again! 

30/1 to win the Premier League? That seems generous. I mean, they’ve got one guy named Danny Drinkwater, another called Fuchs and a goalkeeper called Kasper. I don’t think EA Sports even bothered with their player's likeliness in FIFA 16, instead using the “Generic Soccer Face Template” for the entire squad.

I’d put money on those 25/1 relegation odds. In fact, I’d bet my first born child on it. Any takers?

Leicester City

Leicester if that'll help. Photo: @LCFC | Twitter  

If you're without a deep understanding of the nuances of English footie, the EPL is home to mega successful clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City. The EPL also has clubs like Liverpool and Everton, who totally kicked ass in the early 1900s. 

There’s no way in hell anyone can compete with these historic powerhouses. Leicester City are like the Lewisberry, Pennsylvania, Little League team coming up against the New York Yankees.  


Players like Wayne Rooney, Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez could probably scores thousands of goals against Leicester City if they wanted to, but they'll probably be rested when their clubs play Leicester. Plus, Leicester are managed by Claudio Ranieri. This guy was sacked by Greece after losing to the Faroe Islands.

Ranieri says that he’s targeting a top-half finish in the EPL this season which, let’s be honest, is a total joke. 

The Foxes, who you certainly don’t need to keep an eye on this season, will most likely be relegated by February.

In all honesty, scrubs like this shouldn’t be allowed to play with the big dogs. That European Super League can’t come fast enough for me. Like Real Madrid President Florentino Perez said, “we have to agree a new league which guarantees that the best always play the best. . .”

Leicester City can go make their own league with teams like Southampton, Villarreal and Bayer Leverkusen. They’d probably all get relegated.  

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