Cristiano Ronaldo Shared A Beautiful Moment With A Moth

Sunday's European Championship final was overshadowed in part by an injury to Cristiano Ronaldo, which was overshadowed in part by the appearance of a moth.

Allegedly because of safety reasons, the floodlights were left on at the Stade de France the night before the game, which resulted in a moth infestation, which resulted in a moth landing on Ronaldo's face as he came to terms that his Euro 2016 race was run.

Some people think this moth was a harbinger of doom, a destructo-moth, given its appearance at a time when it all looked to be falling apart for Ronaldo and Portugal.

But I disagree. I say this was a positive moth, like that butterfly in Disney's Bambi, there to let Cristiano know that everything was going to be OK.


Ronaldo looked so despondent sitting there injured we don't blame the moth for fluttering down to help cheer him up. A simple kindness, even from a moth, can make all the difference in these types of situations.

"Be still, my son, for your journey will soon be at an end," I imagine the moth said. "Your troubles are no more, for you will ride a stretcher back to the locker room and give a cool halftime speech and your team will win and you will lift the trophy and cry and take your shirt off."

(Ronaldo begins taking his shirt off)

"No, not yet. But soon. Everything is as it should be. Be at peace."

And the moth flew away toward one of the big floodlights, leaving a very perplexed but strangely tranquil Cristiano Ronaldo to be carried off the field on a stretcher, and he did lift the trophy and cry and take his shirt off, fulfilling the moth's prophecy.

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