Kim Jong-Un Thinks North Korea Is Going To Produce Players Better Than Messi

North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-Un, is getting into the soccer game, and he means business.

Kim Jong-Un wants North Korea to have the most powerful national soccer team in the world, and, if he and his youth academy coach are to be believed, that will happen sooner rather than later.

They say they're creating players better than Messi. Really.

From Marca:

"We train our youngsters to become more talented players than even Lionel Messi," said Yu He, coach of the International School of Pyongyang Football.

Well, this would certainly be an interesting development if it happened. Can you imagine a world where North Korea has a bunch of super-Messis running around? Maybe they took some of Dennis Rodman's DNA when he was over there and using his genes to manufacture athletes.

Could this be North Korea, as usual, threatening something that is totally out of its capacity to the point where it's laughable? Only time will tell.

(H/T Marca)

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