This Keeper Came Out Of The Goal…And Pulled Off What Might Be The Goal Of The Year

Martin Hansen took matters into his own hands in extra time of ADO vs PSV.

I wonder what was going through the mind of ADO goal keeper Martin Hansen before his teammate swung in a free kick in the 95th minute of ADO vs PSV. Was he thinking of glory? Maybe he was just hoping dearly that the ball wouldn’t fly anywhere close to him — actually scratch that. There is absolutely no way Hansen does what you are about to witness if he is thinking, “Oh God, please just not me.”

Martin Hansen just scored the front runner for the goal of the year, and he did it in stoppage time to tie the game, as a goal keeper…with a flying back heel. 


Here are some replays:

This has Puskas written all over it; it just has it all. It’s clutch, stunning, flawlessly executed, and scored BY A KEEPER!!! He even celebrates by simply pointing to himself like a complete badass. 

I can’t help but think that somewhere Zlatan is seriously debating moonlighting in goal for the next few games just so he can attempt to one up this goal. There is just no way he can do it from the outfield, which is saying a lot considering Zlatan is pretty much the king of back heels

If Martin Hansen is out there somewhere, reading this, I just want to tell him not to worry. No one is going to top this goal for a long, long time. 

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