Mourinho Claims World Is Losing Balance, Cites Alarm Over Paying Footballer $355K A Week As Evidence

Jose Mourinho says we should fear for the future if we're going to start criticizing people on $355,000 a week.

Jose Mourinho believes the world is off-kilter, and he fears for the coming generations. For example, Paul Pogba makes roughly $355,000 per week for Manchester United, and some people still have the audacity to criticize his performances.

Mourinho thinks there’s a plague of covetousness affecting the globe, that the fact that half of the world’s wealth belongs to the top one percent is only a problem because the other 99 percent of humanity is just a bunch of jealous motherf***ers that want all that money for themselves.

Incredulous. The only way we can protect the next generation is to maintain the status quo, just look at the political climate of the globe right now, just look at the fact that 20 million people in four countries face starvation and famine according to the United Nations — what a bunch of envious gluttons, going as far as to starve themselves for a piece of Paul's money! 

This performance-based criticism is ungrounded and unfair. “The world is losing values,” droned Mourinho in his Wednesday press conference. “We all know that. Envy is coming into certain levels that I’m scared with, especially with the next generation if things go in this direction . . . it's not his fault that some of the pundits are in real trouble with their lives, and need every coin to survive.”

This came after Mourinho defended Pogba for his performance against Chelsea in the FA Cup: “The specialists will say a lot about him and it comes from envy. They will never ever earn 10 percent of what he does.”


Mourinho, who’s very concerned about nonpartisanship and disinterestedness, called Pogba “by far the best player on the pitch” after he lost the ball eight times, completed just over 70 percent of his passes, never beat his marker and failed to land a shot on target.

Meanwhile, green-faced with envy, pundits praised the likes of N’Golo Kante for scoring the winner from 20 yards out and snapping into four tackles, and Eden Hazard, who completed 99 percent of his passes and still managed to complete seven dribbles while being fouled six times. That praise just goes to show that they want Pogba's money, and this insidious ruse of analysis and credit where credit is due isn't escaping Mourinho.

These sins of desire know no bounds.

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