Is Kealia Ohai Dating JJ Watt?

Houston Dash and USWNT striker Kealia Ohai may or may not be JJ Watt's girlfriend. We investigated.

Is Kealia Ohai dating JJ Watt?

That's almost certainly why you're searching for her. You're not looking for, say the fact that she holds the USWNT record for fastest debut goal. You're just looking for juicy NFL celebrity gossip, and also you want to see if she's hot.

JJ Watt's Girlfriend, Kealia Ohai

JJ Watt's rumored girlfriend, left (Photo: @kealiamae | Instagram)

Look, we can see you. Not you specifically, Steve, but you, the collective you, who are searching for things on the internet, and apparently y'all really want to know about Kealia Ohai and if she's JJ Watt's girlfriend.

Based on the Google results when you do search for Kealia Ohai, the lot of you are looking for information on her rumored relationship with JJ Watt and not, for example, information on how the hell she persevered to become a professional athlete even though she's legally blind in her right eye.

I should cut the crap though, because there's really only one reason you're here. You asked the question, and it's our job as a news organization to supply you with answers. So, definitively: is Kealia Ohai dating JJ Watt?

According to Kealia herself, she is. She confirmed as much on the 2 Up Front podcast last month.

“The rumors are true. We are dating,” Ohai said. 

“I’ve known J.J. for a really long time, and we’ve always been really great friends, and yeah, I’m really proud of him for everything he’s been going through, but it’s been pretty crazy with all the rumors.”

So there you have it.

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