Isco And David Villa Combined To Destroy Italy

Isco's incredible skills and David Villa's positive attitude led Spain past italy, 3-0, in a World Cup qualifier Saturday.

It's been said on this website that on recent form Isco is the best player in the world. I have not been saying this, but Isco made me a believer today with his performance in Spain's 3-0 win against Italy, all but guaranteeing them World Cup qualification.

Isco's first goal was a beautiful free kick that hopefully ensures Sergio Ramos never again decides he should be the one to take set pieces for Spain.

The second goal was even better.

Then he ended the battle of the precocious wunderkind midfielders by nutmegging Marco Verratti into oblivion.


After Isco was done humiliating Italy, Sergio Ramos and Alvaro Morata finished off what the Goths started in the year 376 with a vicious, surgical counterattack.

The story of the day, though, was this man:

El Guaje, Spain's all-time leading scorer, stepped on the field to ensure Spain kept control of the game until the final whistle. Some of you might think that David Villa had little to do with this result because he was on the pitch for fewer than five minutes. Repeat after me: YOU CAN'T MEASURE LEADERSHIP. 

Villa needs only two more caps to get to 100. We certainly hope he makes it there.

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