Ghana Coach Does His Best Donald Trump Impression After Loss To Mexico

Ghana coach James Kwesi Appiah might be on board with Donald Trump’s vision for a big, beautiful wall along the Mexican border.

After Ghana lost 1-0 to Mexico on Wednesday in Houston, Appiah didn’t complain about his team’s inability to put away chances, but instead he was dismayed that a Mexican-American was allowed to referee the game.

The referee in mind, 13-year MLS veteran Baldomero Toledo, is listed as an American by both FIFA and the Professional Referee Organization. But that didn’t stop Appiah from complaining about immigrants from Mexico, even though Toledo has refereed internationals as an American since 2007. 

"Talking about the referee, I was really, really shocked that in a game like this they would allow a Mexican to be the center referee when we were playing Mexico," the coach told ESPN. "I'm really, really surprised.” 

"I never knew about it until after the game. I heard that he was a Mexican-American. I mean, it doesn't make any difference. If you're Mexican, you're Mexican."


Toledo was born and raised in Mexico, but he’s been given high profile games, including multiple MLS Cups, so he must be doing something right.

Of course, no one likes a referee, so you can find a greatest hits video of Toledo red cards like this touching piece. 

Toledo did give Mexico a penalty for its only goal, but to call out a referee who has been living in America for decades for being Mexican is a low blow and reeks of desperation from Appiah. The Ghana coach even went so far as to claim Toledo had a potty mouth. Profanity on a soccer pitch? Inconceivable!


While it’s not quite the murderers and rapists claim of the U.S. president, Appiah should probably tone down his disparaging remarks for a referee who is just trying to do his job. Appiah should worry more about the performance of his team. The Black Stars outshot Mexico 19-8 but couldn’t find the back of the net. 

Up next for Ghana? A trip to Connecticut to play the U.S. on Saturday. 

No confirmation yet if Trump will be the center official.

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