A Look At All World Cup 2018 Groups With Predicted Winners

Everything you need to know about the World Cup 2018 groups in order to not sound like a chucklehead in front of your sports friends.

The World Cup is quickly approaching, and anyone who doesn't take time to familiarize themselves with the World Cup 2018 groups is going to look foolish, and, even worse, lose arguments in bars. Don't let that happen to you. You're better than that. Arm yourselves with the knowledge that will allow you to not only win arguments in bars, but humilate your opponent in the argument so badly they are forced to buy all your drinks for you and address you as "your majesty" from then on. 

World Cup 2018 Groups: Group A




Saudi Arabia



Russia vs. Saudi Arabia: Thursday, June 14, 11 a.m. ET

Egypt vs. Uruguay: Friday, June 15 8 a.m. ET

Morocco vs. Iran: Friday, June 15 11 a.m. ET

Russia vs. Egypt: Tuesday, June 19 2 p.m. ET

Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia: Wednesday, June 20 11 a.m. ET

Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt: Monday, June 25 10 a.m. ET

Uruguay vs. Russia: Monday, June 25 10 a.m. ET


Uruguay are the favorites in Group A, at least until Luis Suarez does something outrageous. Probably even after that. Egypt will be a tough out also, given Mohamed Salah is playing as well as anyone at the moment. Of course, with Russia and Saudi Arabia in the mix, you can never be too sure they won't [Redacted].


1. Uruguay, 2. Egypt, 3. Russia, 4. Saudi Arabia

World Cup 2018 Groups: Group B







Morocco vs. Iran: Friday, June 15 11 a.m. ET

Portugal vs. Spain: Friday, June 15 2 p.m. ET

Portugal vs. Morocco: Wednesday, June 20 8 a.m. ET

Iran vs. Spain: Wednesday, June 20 2 p.m. ET

Iran vs. Portugal: Monday, June 25 2 p.m. ET

Spain vs. Morocco: Monday, June 25 2 p.m. ET


Spain and Portugal are the heavy hitters here, with the defending European champions looking for further international glory. Spain will look to do a bit better than 2014, when they flamed out spectacularly in the group stage. Iran, more like also-ran. Morocco will look to bolster their 2026 World Cup bid with a strong showing.


1. Spain, 2. Portugal, 3. Morocco, 4. Iran

World Cup 2018 Groups: Group C







France vs. Australia: Saturday, June 16 6 a.m. ET

Peru vs. Denmark: Saturday, June 16 12 p.m. ET

France vs. Peru: Thursday, June 21 8 a.m. ET

Denmark vs. Australia: Thursday, June 21 11 a.m. ET

Australia vs. Peru: Tuesday, June 26 10 a.m. ET

Denmark vs. France: Tuesday, June 26 10 a.m. ET


France are loaded at every position except maybe fullback, but they have also been known to literally go on strike during the World Cup. Denmark have Christian Eriksen and Niklas Bendtner's pants party leading the way. Peru will be happier to be here than just about anyone else and can ride that energy to positive results. Australia will just be looking to score a goal as cool as Tim Cahill's volley in 2014.


1. France, 2. Denmark, 3. Peru, 4. Australia

World Cup 2018 Groups: Group D







Argentina vs. Iceland: Saturday, June 16 10 a.m. ET

Croatia vs. Nigeria: Saturday, June 16 3 p.m. ET

Argentina vs. Croatia: Thursday, June 21 2 p.m. ET

Nigeria vs. Iceland: Friday, June 22 11 a.m. ET

Iceland vs. Croatia: Tuesday, June 26 2 p.m. ET

Nigeria vs. Argentina: Tuesday, June 26 2 p.m. ET


The group of death. Here it is. Argentina feature arguably the best footballer of all time, Lionel Messi, various talented but often mis-matched attacking pieces such as Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain and Angel di Maria, a sort-of midfield and a back line held together with bits of bailing wire. They could flame out in the group stage just as easily as win the thing. Nigeria are plucky and exciting, and will have no fear of Argentina after beating them in a recent friendly. Croatia feature one of the best midfields in the world, and Iceland can't seem to stop securing improbable results against better teams. This group should be fun.


1. Argentina, 2. Croatia, 3. Nigeria, 4. Iceland

World Cup 2018 Groups: Group E



Costa Rica




Costa Rica vs. Serbia: Sunday, June 17 8 a.m. ET

Brazil vs. Switzerland: Sunday, June 17 2 p.m. ET

Brazil vs. Costa Rica: Friday, June 22 8 a.m. ET

Serbia vs. Switzerland: Friday, June 22 2 p.m. ET

Switzerland vs. Costa Rica: Wednesday, June 27 2 p.m. ET

Serbia vs. Brazil: Wednesday, June 27 2 p.m. ET


Brazil are favorites to win the whole thing after destroying everybody in qualifying. Costa Rica rode an organized defense to a quarterfinal appearance last time around and will look to repeat that effort. Serbia and Switzerland both feature players experienced in Europe's top leagues and will not go down quietly.


1. Brazil, 2. Costa Rica, 3. Serbia, 4. Switzerland

World Cup 2018 Groups: Group F



South Korea




Germany vs. Mexico: Sunday, June 17 11 a.m. ET

Sweden vs. South Korea: Monday, June 18 8 a.m. ET

Germany vs. Sweden: Saturday, June 23 11 a.m. ET

South Korea vs. Mexico: Saturday, June 23 2 p.m. ET

South Korea vs. Germany: Wednesday, June 27 10 a.m. ET

Mexico vs. Sweden: Wednesday, June 27 10 a.m. ET


Germany are the other favorites to win the thing. After all, they won the last one. Mexico is a good team capable of great moments and hilarious blunders, partially thanks to Juan Carlos Osorio's tinkering. Sweden are organized and hardworking and might have Zlatan. South Korea's Heung-min Son is a dangerous man who could win a game by himself.


1. Germany, 2. Mexico, 3. Sweden, 4. South Korea

World Cup 2018 Groups: Group G







Belgium vs. Panama: Monday, June 18 11 a.m. ET

Tunisia vs. England: Monday, June 18 2 p.m. ET

Belgium vs. Tunisia: Saturday, June 23 8 a.m. ET

England vs. Panama: Sunday, June 24 8 a.m. ET

England vs. Belgium: Thursday, June 28 10 a.m. ET

Panama vs. Tunisia: Thursday, June 28 10 a.m. ET


Belgium are talented but inconsistent. England are, uh, talented but inconsistent. Panama are very happy to have qualified. Tunisia are a bit of an unknown quantity, but are good enough to embarrass Belgium or England if they don't have their wits about them.


1. Belgium, 2. England, 3. Panama, 4. Tunisia

World Cup 2018 Groups: Group H







Poland vs. Senegal: Tuesday, June 19 8 a.m. ET

Colombia vs. Japan: Tuesday, June 19 11 a.m. ET

Japan vs. Senegal: Sunday, June 24 11 a.m. ET

Poland vs. Colombia: Sunday, June 24 2 p.m. ET

Japan vs. Poland: Thursday, June 28 10 a.m. ET

Senegal vs. Colombia: Thursday, June 28 10 a.m. ET


How far can Robert Lewandowski take Poland? How far can Sadio Mane take Senegal? Can James Rodriguez repeat his 2014 World Cup heroics for Colombia? Are Japan talented enough across the board to advance? These questions will all be answered in due time.


1. Colombia, 2. Poland 3. Senegal 4. Japan

Now you're ready to win the bar arguments trophy.

World Cup 2018 Groups - Jules Rimet Trophy

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