Felipe Pardo Had No Right To Score. But His Accuracy Was Amazing.

Sometimes you’ve just got to hold up your hands and say “That boy is accurate as hell.”

It began with an attempt at Zidane-esque control and ended with a display of marksmanship that sends an entire section of the crowd surging towards the pitch. As much as we love to dissect football, to break the pitch into a systematic property where order reigns, it’s a beautiful sport because it forever remains incalculable. 

Where does the fault lie in conceding a goal? What is the correct emphasis of attack? Tactics, philosophies and player mentalities make for our conversation before matches, but, in the end, that intangible thing that we simply refer to as a moment of magic throws everything out the door.

A manager dissecting this goal would say that the attempt at control in the midfield, which inadvertently turned into an attacking through ball, should’ve been avoided. Maybe the goalie should’ve refrained from rushing out considering the attacker's position and the defenders covering. That dude near the goal line should avoid getting chopped to pieces. But after all that, Felipe Pardo still has no right to score from there. 

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