Peru Fan Almost Becomes Most Hated Man At World Cup

An almost evil Peru fan almost became the most despised man at the World Cup as he nearly stole a shirt that was being given to a young fan by Tim Cahill, the Socceroos striker. 

The 38-year-old Cahill, appearing in what is almost certainly his final World Cup, walked over to a group of young fans and was just about to give them his shirt.

Despite Peru winning 2-0 against Australia, this evil Peru fan just had to rub it in some more. He grabbed a hold of the shirt when Cahill is about to give it to the young fan, but Cahill yanks it back before the Peru fan could sneak away and become soccer’s most hated man. 

The mother also lets the Peruvian fan know that he is being an idiot. A nice little finger wag is all she does, and after that, the Peruvian fan scurries away and tries to escape. 

We love soccer, but in times like these, we just wish fans wouldn’t be so selfish. Especially when it’s a kid. Grow up, buddy.

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