Eintracht Frankfurt Fans Air Grievances By Throwing Tennis Balls On The Field

Just at the beginning of the second half during Monday's Eintracht Frankfurt-RB Leipzig contest, Eintracht Frankfurt fans expressed their displeasure with Monday matches by covering the field in tennis balls and a goal in streamers, hurled from the stands.

Look no one likes Mondays but this seems a bit extreme (at first we thought they were protesting RB Leipzig basically buying their way into the first division). The best part of this is Frankfurt's grounds crew looking completely prepared for such an event, attacking the problem with rakes and leaf blowers like they'd been doing it their entire lives.

Why did they choose tennis balls? Is there some significance to this? Some symbolism? I need answers!

Eintracht Frankfurt ended up winning the match 2-1 behind goals from American right back Timmy Chandler and Kevin-Prince Boateng.

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