German Fan Goes For Spectacular Header, Takes Out Small Child In Process

Great commitment from the Hannover fan.

Borussia Dortmund, without the injured Christian Pulisic, traveled to face Hannover 96 in the Bundesliga’s Friday night fixture. It was, if we’re being honest, a bit boring, with just three shots on target the entire match. Not even the second-half introduction of American Bobby Wood could spice things up, with the teams finishing in a 0-0 draw and few Dortmund vs Hannover highlights to speak of.

Sure, Hannover keeper Michael Esser was forced to make a great kick save in the first half and moments later Marco Reus blasted a shot off the crossbar, but the real highlight of the match came from off the pitch.

As the match reached stoppage time without a goal in sight, one German fan took it upon himself to make something interesting happen.

As a ball flew out of bounds, a gentleman who had come up to the front of the stands to take a picture decided to relive his old playing days. Instead of catching the ball or ducking out of the way, he quickly calculated the ball’s trajectory and became legend.

Not only did this fellow knock his header right back into the field of play, he smashed into a small child in the process. We can only assume both are now in the upside down fighting off demodogs. 

The worst part is, the small boy was hit by the elder gentleman’s camera. That poor thing might’ve broken a lens!

Sadly, this was the best of the Dortmund vs Hannover highlights. 

If only Christian Pulisic had been healthy enough to play, or maybe if Bobby Wood was a better striker. 

Will either be selected for the USMNT’s upcoming friendlies with Brazil and Mexico? Pulisic is a doubt with muscular problems. Wood has muscular problems of his own — namely having scored just two league goals in the last year. 

But at least they’ll be less sore tonight than the German fellow who just wanted to head the ball.

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