Cristiano Ronaldo Would Like Your Help In Choosing A Watch

Cristiano Ronaldo cannot decide which watch to wear. Please help him.

Cristiano Ronaldo would like everyone's help choosing a watch, because companies just send him sh*t to wear and then send him money to tweet inane tweets about their products.

Case in point:

Well, that is a doozy. Admittedly, we are not much for watches because it's 2016 and we have a smartphone.

Since our expertise id decidedly limited, we consulted The18's resident fashionista, Connor Fleming. Here's what he had to say:

elegant, sports looks like from a cereal box

he's got a nice life, just being presented a box of watches to pick from

Ooh, shots fired at the sporty watch.

Cristiano really doesn't need a sporty watch, I think. It's hard to imagine him in a situation in which he's wearing a watch but not a suit. I would go with elegant. That said, I am an idiot and have the fashion sense of a jumbo shrimp. So there's that.

And what about the two watches still in the box? Also, what does not cracking under pressure have to do with fancy watches? We need more information.

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