Christian Eriksen Free Kick Completes Insane Spurs Comeback vs. Juventus

After Gonzalo Higuain scored twice in the first 10 minutes for Juventus, it looked like this Champions League knockout tie was done and dusted. However, after Higuain missed a good chance on the counter to make it 3-0, Harry Kane made it very much a game.

Then Higuain missed another chance (a penalty) to effectively put the match to bed. He's going to shoulder more of the blame for this loss than he deserves. He did score two goals, after all.

And then, in the 71st minute, Eriksen. Christian Eriksen. When he's over a set piece, the defense has to be perfect or he's going to score. Juventus's defense was decidedly less than perfect.

Spurs bring an away goal advantage back to Wembley for the second leg, but Juventus can still advance with a win or a really, really fun draw.

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