Chevrolet Invited Fans To Submit Questions For Man Utd Players. It Turned Into A PR Disaster

Sitting a disappointing sixth in the EPL table, Chevrolet invited Manchester United’s Facebook fans to submit questions to the players. It didn’t go well.

It hasn’t been the dream beginning that many anticipated following three straight victories to open their 2016-17 Premier League campaign, and many within the Manchester United camp are already beginning to feel the heat.

Wayne Rooney has been in dire form, and his inclusion in the starting XI has been relentlessly questioned. Zlatan Ibrahimovic hasn’t scored a Premier League goal since September 10th. Paul Pogba has hardly justified his gargantuan transfer fee, and Jose Mourinho’s personnel choices, including the ostracizing of Bastian Schweinsteiger, have been criticized.

With the side languishing in sixth place in the table and having drawn with Stoke City at Old Trafford in their last league match, it probably wasn’t the best time to solicit supporters for their opinion.

But that’s just what primary Manchester United sponsor Chevrolet did. The Facebook page Chevrolet FC, part of the companies global football initiative, invited fans to submit questions to Manchester United players for an upcoming web episode. 


The page’s followers responded in a manner which befits the internet: with unabashed hate, banter and LOLs. 

A lot of people felt like Zlatan's teammates were letting Zlatan down:

Manchester United PR disaster

Many cried out for the return of Bastian Schweinsteiger:

Manchester United PR disaster

Paul Pogba's less than stellar form drew the ire of many:

Manchester United PR disaster

It's time to bring Chichagol back:

Manchester United PR disaster

More on the plight of Schweini:

Manchester United PR disaster

As Mourinho would say, everybody's a football Einstein. 

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