Bob Bradley Is Back In The Spotlight And Throwing Shots At Jurgen Klinsmann

During Bob Bradley's first press conference as Swansea manager, he had some very interesting things to say about Jurgen Klinsmann.

Bob Bradley is quickly proving he can hang with the best managers in the Premier League, at least in terms of banter.

Bradley's first press conference as manager of Swansea City included a shot at his successor as USMNT manager, Jurgen Klinsmann.

Here's the excerpt everyone's talking about: 

"From the day I got fired from the U.S., I've not said one thing publicly about that team. I don't appreciate the way it was done; I think they made a mistake," Bradley said.

"I'm glad that Jurgen said some nice things now. When he did commentary on the 2010 World Cup, he was already jockeying for the job, so I shut my mouth, continued to support the team because I of course want to see the team do well, Michael [Bradley, his son] is the captain.

"So if [Klinsmann] said something in a nice way I appreciate it and if at some point he chooses to try to work outside the U.S., I wish him the best."

That take was so hot my keyboard just melted.

Here's the World Cup commentary Bradley's talking about:

Is this the new Mourinho vs. Wenger? We hope so.


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