Barcelona's 2017/2018 Home Kits May Have Leaked, And The Leaked Kits Are Ugly

Barcelona keep experimenting with their home Jerseys, and their experiments are going poorly.

Barcelona's kits for next season have reportedly leaked. They are bad, if they are in fact next year's kits. We're not 100 percent positive if these are the kits. There's a lot of evidence pointing to "yes", so for the rest of the article we're going to treat the rumors as true, even though they may not be, so take that into consideration as you read.

This is not what Barcelona's home jersey is supposed to look like. However, what Barcelona's home jersey is supposed to look like and what Barcelona's home jersey actually looks like are often two different things.

Barcelona's home jersey should always be the classic one with vertical stripes. It should never change. It is the perfect design for Barcelona. It cannot be improved.


And yet, they keep trying to improve it, or pretending to try to improve it while they try to trick fans into buying new shirts. This new design has stripes all over the place, stripes of varying widths. The stripes must be, um, uniform. This is not up for debate.

Also, it's interesting that Nike would allow the outside stripes to resemble Adidas' often-used three stripes.

Most of us can agree that this is bad. At least it's not as bad as last year's hoops.

(H/T SB Nation)

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