Argentinian Match Ends In Brawl And 12 Red Cards

That's right, 12 red cards. We didn't know it was possible either.

So, apparently, fighting is the new thing in soccer. (Or, if not new, newly popular for some strange reason.)

Earlier this week we posted on the fan interference and brawl that occurred during the Serbia and Albania Euro qualifier. Now we have a brawl in Argentina that resulted in 12 Red Cards and another match abandonment. 

The brawl occurred in the Argentina’s third tier between Deportivo Roca and Cipoletti. Marcos Lamolla was given a yellow card for Fernando Fernandez, but after his protest to the referee he was then shown his second yellow resulting in his dismissal from the game. 

As Lamolla was walking off, he suddenly sprinted the entire length of the field to confront Fernandez. Flying kicks and punches ensued. 

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