Confident 9-Year-Old American Is Moving To Italy To Train With AS Roma

The kid’s already got 40K followers on Instagram and his own YouTube channel.

Because Christian Pulisic is too old and will never accomplish anything, we present to you the next American Messi: 9-year-old Alessandro Cupini (no relation to Cuphead). The Kansas City native will be moving to Italy next year to train with AS Roma according to a press release, an impressive step for a young American. 

A full decade younger than Borussia Dortmund star Pulisic, Cupini has already trained with Empoli, Atalanta and Roma. While in boring old Kansas City, he plays for the Kansas City Fusion. Check out some of his skills.


Cupini has an Instagram with more than 40,000 followers loaded with highlights and pictures of him with soccer players from Dom Dwyer to Alexi Lalas. After scrolling through a few you realize, this kid doesn’t want to be the next Lionel Messi, he wants to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo with comments like this.


He’s apparently already got a nickname: the Wolf. 

Yep, he’s definitely the next Ronaldo. Or maybe Zlatan

Given that the press release was probably written by his father (or someone else who happens to share his Cupini surname), we just hope he is playing for the love of the game at this early age. We’ve seen too many would-be stars burn out and just because you have a highlight channel on YouTube at age 9 doesn’t mean you’re going to be the next big thing. 

But, because he’s American, it would be unpatriotic to wish anything but the best for him. Perhaps when the U.S. hosts the 2026 World Cup he’ll score the winner in the final on a bicycle kick with an assist from Old Man Pulisic.

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