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Nike’s Back At It Again With Their Horribly Generic Kits For The World Cup

That’s alright, Nike. It’s only the biggest, greatest event on the planet. You’re right not to care!

So remember how in 2016 Nike rolled out all their international kits with the Vapor template? You might not because it was a complete non-event. The USA looked like Portugal looked like England looked like PSG. The kits were “modern” in design, which is PR speak for indistinguishable, homogeneous, money-grubbing attire. 

Well, here comes the 2018 World Cup, the perfect time to check all those boxes again. But instead of the Vapor template, we now get the Aeroswift template (the collar is different!). Just take my $120 now.

Here’s Portugal…

Nike World Cup jersey

Photo: @myfootfactory | Twitter

Here’s France…

Nike World Cup jersey

Photo: @Footy_Headlines | Twitter

Here’s England…

Nike World Cup jersey

Photo: @P1_MCS_1979 | Twitter 

Inside Nike HQ, do they just laugh at football supporters? They must. It’s a massive miss for the company when coupled with the fact that Adidas absolutely killed it for the World Cup.

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