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The New USA Kits Aren't New At All

Nike and U.S. Soccer just released their "Red To Toe" uniforms, which three other teams have worn.

Well folks, Nike really went all in on their latest jerseys for the U.S. Men’s and Women’s national teams. Now that Jurgen Klinsmann and his hatred for the color red is out the picture, the U.S. will rock their “Red to Toe” uniforms. Cool! Expect for the fact that three teams have already sported these same exact jerseys. See for yourself:

I get it. Most of the Nike teams (especially on the international stage) pretty much have the same jerseys but with different colorways. But couldn’t they have made the sleeves a different color just to be a little different from the others? Make them blue, or even white. Anyway, everyone go scoop up your new U.S. jersey because they totally won’t be coming out with another one soon.

As the wise Puff Daddy once said: It’s all about the Benjamins.

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