Hide Your Wallets: Liverpool’s Blackout Jersey Is Simply Stunning

Liverpool unveiled a limited edition ‘blackout’ kit and it is gorgeous.

Who would have thought that New Balance would release the best new jersey of the 2019-20 season, even after what adidas did with Arsenal? The 2019-20 Liverpool blackout jersey was unveiled on Wednesday and it’s simply stunning.

Liverpool Blackout Jersey

Liverpool blackout jersey. Photo: @NBFootball | Twitter

Who needs to worry about Brexit when you can wear this gorgeous shirt? Honestly, the shirt could probably solve Brexit if we gave it a chance.

The Liverpool blackout kit is a limited-edition shirt modeled on the base home jersey, complete with pinstripes. The pinstripes pay homage to legendary Bob Paisley, who would have turned 100 this season. 

Perhaps most stunning, the blackout shirt has an iridescent blue Liverpool logo that really stands out under proper lighting. 

Liverpool Blackout Jersey

Liverpool blackout jersey logo. Photo: @Everyone_heart | Twitter

The 2019-20 Liverpool blackout jersey is a huge improvement on last season’s, which honestly wasn’t all that attractive. We’re glad New Balance has improved the look this year. 

So is the Liverpool blackout kit the best shirt of the season? 

Twitter certainly likes it.

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