The Best Soccer Gifts For Premier League Fans In 2017-2018

The holiday season is one of the busiest times in the Premier League season. Therefore, it's the perfect time to get a Premier League-themed gift for the soccer fan in your life. We at The18 love the Premier League, so we compiled a list of the best Premier League gifts you can buy. There's something for everyone here, from the casual onlooker to the die-hard ultra. 

The 18 Best Premier League Gifts in 2017-2018

1. Set Of Beer Glasses

2. Soccer Ball Alarm Clock

3. The Game Of Our Lives

4. NBC Sports Gold

5. Forever Young

6. Liverpool Scarf

7. Manchester United Blanket

8. Manchester City Secret History

9. Arsenal Periodic Table Shirt

10. Chelsea PS4 Console And Controller Skins

11. Tottenham Hotspur Backpack

12. 3D Soccer Ball Puzzle

13. ESPN 30 For 30: Soccer Stories

14. LG C7 OLED Series (2017) TV

15. Football Manager 2018

16. Premier League Coloring Book

17. The Blizzard Subscription

18. French Press Coffee Maker

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Set Of Beer Glasses
Best Premier League Gifts - Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp holding a beer.

@CarrasNYC | Twitter

Best Soccer Gifts For Premier League Fans - Set Of Beer Glasses

Soccer fans are known to love beer. Premier League fans, especially. So drink in style with a set of fancy beer glasses. No more drinking out of the can/bottle. Plus, the different shapes and sizes of glass function to make one look like a classy person. People will take one's opinions more seriously if one is drinking beer out of a fancy glass.

Soccer Alarm Clock
Best Premier League Gifts - sleepy man

Sleepy guy can't sleep.

tab1962 | Twitter

Best Soccer Gifts Premier League - Soccer Ball Alarm Clock

The worst part of being a Premier League fan in America is getting up early on weekends. Getting up early on weekends is dumb and bad. Make it a little less dumb and bad with a soccer ball alarm clock. Sure, you could use your phone to wake yourself up, but keeping your phone in your bedroom is a sure-fire way to turn yourself into a zombie. So get an alarm clock. A soccer ball one.

The Game Of Our Lives
Best Premier League Gifts - The Game Of Our Lives
@BuyBookstore | Twitter

Best Soccer Gifts - The Game of Our Lives

David Goldblatt is an excellent writer, and his excellent book on the Premier League will turn even the most clueless EPL novice into an expert. This book will help you hold your own in soccer conversations at parties.

NBC Sports Gold Premier League Pass
Best Premier League Gifts - Eden Hazard
@bet365 | Twitter

Best Soccer Gifts - NBC Sports Gold

One thing Premier League fans are known to enjoy is watching the Premier League. Unfortunately, all the different streaming services and cable companies and their nonsense makes the process leading up to watching the Premier League extremely stressful. Take all the stress out with NBC Gold, which is a bad streaming service but we've got limited options, here. It's the Premier League one, is the nicest thing we can say about it. But hey, it IS the Premier League one.

Forever Young: The Story Of Adrian Doherty, Football's Lost Genius
Best Premier League Gifts - Forever Young
@sportbookawards | Twitter

Best Soccer Gifts - Forever Young

Manchester United's class of '92 is one of the most famous academy classes in football history. Everyone knows about Mark Bosnich, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Paul Scholes and the Neville brothers, but not everyone knows about Adrian Doherty, who might have been the best of the bunch if injuries hadn't cut his career tragically short.

Liverpool Scarf
Premier League gifts - Liverpool scarf
Sheri | Wikicommons

Best Soccer Gifts - Liverpool Scarf

Let fellow Liverpool fans know they'll never walk alone with a Liverpool scarf.

Manchester United Blanket
Premier League gifts - Manchester United blanket

Best Soccer Gifts - Manchester United Blanket

One thing that can be safely assumed about Red Devils is they are always warm. Make sure the Red Devils in your life are always warm with a sweet blanket.

Manchester City: The Secret History Of The Club That Has No History
Premier League gifts - Manchester City

Best Soccer Gifts - Manchester City Secret History

The Manchester CIty bandwagon is merrily churning along after the Citizens' performances so far this season in the EPL and Champions League. However, no one wants to be labelled a bandwagon fan. Avoid that nasty label with this helpful book.

Arsenal Periodic Table Shirt
Premier League gifts - Arsenal
@davidhickman14 | Twitter

Best Soccer Gifts - Arsenal periodic table shirt

I don't really have anything pithy to say about Arsenal here but this shirt is pretty clever.

Chelsea PS4 Console And Controller Skins
Premier League Gifts - Chelsea
@fm88radioactiva | Twitter

Best Soccer Gifts - Chelsea PS4

Look, you're going to play as Chelsea anyway so why not just announce it beforehand? Let everyone know what's up by papering your PS4 (or XBox, whatever) and controllers with Chelsea paraphernalia.

Tottenham Hotspur Backpack
Premier League gifts - Tottenham Hotspur
@SpursOfficial | Twitter

Best Soccer Gifts - Tottenham Hotspur Backpack

Harry Kane has a tendency to put Tottenham Hotspur on his back. You can be like Harry Kane and put Tottenham Hotspur on YOUR back. If you are so inclined, of course.

3D Soccer Ball Puzzle
Premier League Gifts - 3D Soccer Ball Puzzle
@vintage_photos | Twitter

Best Soccer Gifts - 3D Soccer Ball Puzzle

You know what's a puzzle? Unlocking a Tony Pulis defense. You know what else is a puzzle? This 3D wooden soccer ball. That's going to make a sweet mantle decoration once it's put together.

30 For 30: Soccer Stories
Premier League Gifts - 30 For 30: Soccer Stories
@Verminosos | Twitter

Best Soccer Gifts - 30 For 30 Soccer Stories

The soccer universe is filled with amazing stories, some of which have been told via ESPN's awesome documentary series, 30 for 30. All these stories are well-told, and the production values are sky-high.

LG C7 OLED Series (2017) TV
Premier League gifts - TV
franckreporter | iStock

Best Soccer Gifts - LG TV

Watching soccer is the best part of being a Premier League fan, so you should try to watch soccer on the best possible television, like this model from LG. Traits that make for a good television: largeness of screen, high definition, and that's it. Get yourself a large-screen, high definition television if you haven't already.

Football Manager 2018
Premier League gifts - Football Manager

Best Soccer Gifts - Football Manager

Do you think you could do better than your team's current manager? Here's your chance to prove it, while competing against the best of the best in terms of computer-generated football managers. Famously-hyperrealistic, Football Manager is one of the most addicting video games out there.

Premier League Coloring Book
Premier League gifts - Premier League Coloring Book
Todor Tsvetkov | iStock

Best Soccer Gifts - Premier League Coloring Book

If you've got a better idea for what to do during halftime, we're all ears.

The Blizzard Subscription
Premier League gifts - The Blizzard

The Blizzard contains some of the best soccer writing in the world. Articles in The Blizzard are creative, analytical, inquisitive, smart and fun. The Blizzard will keep your attention when there aren't any games going on, which is most of the time.

Click here to check it out.

French Press Coffee Maker
Premier League gifts - French Press Coffee Maker
eurobanks | iStock

Best Soccer Gifts - French Press Coffee Maker

That "getting up early on weekends" thing rears its ugly head again. Many people who get up early on weekends need coffee before they can function. Drip coffee makers are trash, coffee shops are expensive and involve going outside and Starbucks has not yet taken the step of putting one in every single house. So, a French Press. The coffee is good, they're easy to clean and they're French so you can pretend to be classy.

Now go out there and buy some stuff!

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