The Jerseys That Europe’s Biggest Clubs Will Be Wearing Come 2020-21

When your internal calendar is largely synced with the footballing one, it’s difficult to wrap your head around the fact that we’re now approaching mid-June. In the fantasy world before COVID-19, we’d see Euro 2020 begin on Friday; in the actual COVID-19 world, we’ll see the Premier League return Wednesday with a pair of fixtures that were originally scheduled for March 11.

Continuing that vein of thought, we’d also be in the midst of a club football period defined by transfer rumors and 2020-21 jersey releases. Transfer window gossip is now at a premium, but you can’t stop the wheel of merchandising.

While the schedule for teasing and releasing new kits has been pushed back, the design and production of said jerseys hasn’t really changed, so we now have a plethora of leaks to look at.

Thanks to the fine folks at Footy Headlines, we largely know what threads Europe’s biggest clubs will be sporting come the 2020-21 season.

Leaked 2020-21 Soccer Jerseys 

2020-21 Liverpool Home Kit

2020-21 Liverpool home kit

2020-21 Tottenham Home Kit

2020-21 Tottenham home kit

2020-21 Manchester United Home Kit

2020-21 Manchester United home kit

2020-21 Arsenal Home Kit

2020-21 Arsenal home kit

2020-21 Arsenal Away Kit

2020-21 Arsenal away kit

2020-21 Manchester City Home Kit

2020-21 Manchester City home kit

2020-21 Atletico Madrid Home Kit

2020-21 Atletico Madrid home kit

2020-21 Real Madrid Home Kit

2020-21 Real Madrid home kit

2020-21 Barcelona Home Kit

2020-21 Barcelona home kit

2020-21 Roma Home Kit

Roma home kit

2020-21 Inter Milan Home Kit

2020-21 Inter Milan home kit

2020-21 Juventus Home Kit

2020-21 Juventus home kit

2020-21 AC Milan Home Kit

2020-21 AC Milan home kit

2020-21 Borussia Dortmund Home Kit

2020-21 Borussia Dortmund home kit

2020-21 Bayern Munich Home Kit

2020-21 Bayern Munich home kit

2020-21 PSG Home Kit

2020-21 PSG home kit

2020-21 Marseille Away Kit

2020-21 Marseille away kit

2020-21 Ajax Home Kit

2020-21 Ajax home kit

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