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USA, Italy, France And England World Cup Kits Have Been Leaked

We’ve only got 258 days to go until the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia!

258 days. That’s how long we’ve got to wait until June 14, the day when Russia will kick off the 2018 World Cup at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. The buildup to the world’s greatest sporting event is gaining traction as we’ve now confirmed eight of the 32 finalists, and we’ll know a whole lot more come October.

While the grueling qualifying process has been the focus of everyone’s attention, the sporting outfitters tasked with designing the threads on fleek in Russia have been churning through the design process.

Nations like Italy and the USA still have work to do to ensure their place at the 2018 World Cup, but that hasn’t stopped the likes of Nike and Puma from finalizing the jerseys they’ll wear. 

Thanks to the fine folks over at Footy Headlines, we can keep tabs on all the latest World Cup kit leaks, and we’ve already got our hands on some unconfirmed designs for Italy, the USA, England and France.

Italy Leaked 2018 World Cup Kit

Italy 2018 World Cup kit

Italy's leaked 2018 World Cup kit. Photo: @myfootfactory | Twitter

USA Leaked 2018 World Cup Kit

USA 2018 World Cup kit

USA 2018 World Cup kit. Photo: @FtWorthVaqueros | Twitter


France Leaked 2018 World Cup Kit

France 2018 World Cup kit

France 2018 World Cup kit. Photo: @Solitaris972 | Twitter

England Leaked 2018 World Cup Kit

England 2018 World Cup kit

England 2018 World Cup kit. Photo: @Footy_Headlines | Twitter

These are unconfirmed, and could yet prove to be totally bogus. However, one confirmed piece of knowledge is that Nike will dump their godawful cookie cutter design approach and actually make unique jerseys for each nation they supply for.

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