What Would Zlatan Be Like As A Coach?

Zlatan has always undeniably been Zlatan, but does being Zlatan translate into coaching prowess?

Manchester United have reportedly offered Zlatan Ibrahimovic a contract to play for them when he's done rehabilitating the knee injury he suffered at the end of last season, with an eye toward a transition to a coaching role.

This is, on its face, good, because more zlatan is good. However, I just can't for the life of me picture Zlatan as a coach. Zlatan has a lot of good qualities, but does he have the patience to develop his players? I see Zlatan scoffing through drills as his players fail to live up to his expectations, getting frustrated and doing the drills himself while yelling "WHY ARE YOU NOT AS GOOD AS ZLATAN?"

What about tactical adjustments? Wouldn't Zlatan just wave his hands at players, like "This change is obvious, why have you not done it yet?"

I'll tell you one thing that would be great about coach Zlatan: I would pay a million dollars to be a fly on the wall during his team talks.

"Go out there and be like Zlatan!"

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