Start Your Sunday Off Right With This Classy Bicycle Kick In Serie A

This isn’t the bicycle you're meant to ride for your New Year’s Resolution, but it counts.

We're almost at the one-week mark of 2021, which means the majority of New Year’s resolution goals are about to die. You promised this year would be different and the gym would become a second home, but the couch keeps sucking you in like a black hole.

Sunday can be a cheat day as this spectacular Mattia Zaccagni bicycle kick will suffice for your daily dose of cycling.

Sunday’s Serie A match between two of the league’s newly promoted sides, Verona and Spezia, was in need of a winner. With 15 minutes left to play, the score was stuck at 0-0 until Zaccagni pulled out some incredible Italian tekkers.


If you feel like the commentary didn’t do this fantastic bicycle kick justice, then I recommend having a listen to this Chinese commentator’s reaction.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Zaccagni’s bicycle kick proved to be the difference in Verona’s 1-0 victory against Spezia. Verona moves up to eighth while Spezia is in real danger of getting relegated in its maiden Serie A season. The new kids on the block now sit in 18th.

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