World Cup Social Media Roundup: Day 20

On Tuesday we saw the last two games of the Round of 16 and Sweden and England were able to advance over Switzerland and Colombia, respectively. In short, Sweden was boring and defensive as usual, and England fans were nervous as hell the whole game, so you know there were plenty of great World Cup tweets.

World Cup Tweets And Social Media Roundup

Sweden vs. Switzerland

This game finished 1-0 with Sweden advancing via a deflected shot scoring the only goal. So, if you didn't watch the game don't worry because it was pretty boring and the only entertaining things about it were the World Cup tweets from fans.

Colombia vs. England

Now, this game was fucking tense. England fans are convinced that either they're going to lose at this stage or that they're winning the whole thing. A well-struck penalty from Harry Kane gave England the lead until Yerry Mina headed home the equalizer in the 93rd minute.

England fans are terrified of PKs because of their "curse," but damn it they broke that curse and advanced to the quarters.

"It's coming home!"

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