The 6 Types Of World Cup Fans That Inhabit Our Planet

We classified World Cup fans according to their national team's chances of actually winning the title.

The World Cup is drawing closer and closer (79 days!). With that in mind, we have devoted ourselves to a sociological effort: defining the different kinds of World Cup fans out there. 

The World Cup Favorites 

These fans are outright obnoxious.

Not many countries can honestly say they are serious candidates to win the World Cup. Fans from countries with an actual chance of winning the trophy exude confidence and often, arrogance. The only consolation the rest of us have is watching one of these nations fail.

Amongst them, the usual suspects: Germany, Brazil and Argentina, followed closely by France and Spain.

World Cup fans

Can Germany repeat? Their fans sure think so. Photo: @phil_lemaitre | Twitter

The Countries On The Verge Of A Breakthrough

There are some pretty good teams out there. However, the true question is whether they'd be capable of beating the traditional powerhouses. Countries like Colombia, Mexico and Belgium have very decent teams that can compete against anyone. Although these hopeful teams usually put up a good fight, more often than not they are left on the sidelines by the most powerful squads.

For this reason, each World Cup their fans endure veritable emotional roller coasters. They are always hopeful and yet, their optimism is marked by an awareness that a bitter fate most likely awaits them.

World Cup fans

Photo: @cpacentenario16 | Twitter

The Nostalgics

Oh England, what a year 1966 was for you. It was the only time the creators of football could actually claim the highest prize in sport. Ever since, England has failed to leave a mark internationally.

Uruguay's case is similar. Winning two World Cup titles between 1930 and 1950, Uruguayan's yearn for a past long gone.

Not winning the world championship since 1986, Argentinean fans also live from past memories.

Names like Bobby Charlton and Diego Maradona bring tears to the eyes of these fans, but the truth is they need new heroes. These national teams have no doubt formidable historical legacies, however, their fans desperately need new successes to renew their sense of glory.

Therefore, fans from these countries tend to be a mixture of hope and resignation. Will Messi be able to end the curse once and for all?

World Cup fans

This man is Harry Kane's biggest fan. Photo: @DannyWArmstrong | Twitter

The Unmentionables

Here's to you USMNT, Chile, the Netherlands and Italy. 

Some of these teams are good, others actually great. Italy missing the World Cup ensures that one of the most successful nations will not partake in the most important competition on the planet. 

The Netherlands have never won the trophy, but they are always one of the most entertaining teams to watch. Something similar may be said of Chile, who won two back-to-back Copa America titles since the last World Cup. 

And yet, when the hopes of the Chilean people were highest, La Roja somehow couldn't qualify with its golden generation. Fans will undoubtedly wonder what these players could've been capable of had they made it to Russia.

What can we say about the USMNT? American soccer has sky-rocketed in terms of quality in recent years. Missing the World Cup is a massive set back.

One word defines these fans: heartbreak.

World Cup fans

Taylor Twellman ranting about the USMNT elimination Photo: @SportsRadioDet | Twitter

The "I'm Just Happy To Be Here" Crew

For many teams, making it to the World Cup is enough of a privilege. These teams know their chances of winning the trophy are scarce at best. However, their fans are thrilled just by getting there.

Take Peru and Egypt, who haven't participated in a World Cup in decades; take Panama and Iceland, who have never played in the tournament before.

These fans are just thankful their teams made it to the world's biggest stage, and they will appreciate any joyful moments their players gift them.

World Cup fans

Iceland qualified to the World Cup for the first time in history @ILoveUShopping | Twitter

The Damned

With 32 spots up for grabs, a majority of the countries on Earth simply miss out on the greatest sporting event. Among the nations to have never gone: Luxembourg, Finland, Venezuela, Guatemala and Zambia. 

And while these fans are mere spectators to the victories and defeats of others, they partake in the joy of watching the beautiful game with no emotional strings attached.

What kind of fan are you?

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