The Funniest Names In Soccer

The true beauty of soccer is its ability to bring so many different cultures together. It allows people to interact and find common ground who would never do so normally. Sometimes when cultures collide in this manner there can be little mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes take the form of very silly names. Like these:

Josh Windass

Kevin Lasagna

Marco Boogers

Bongo Christ

Danny Invincible

Creedence Clearwater Couto

Fabian Assman

Ricky van Wolfswinkel

Thomas Partey

Jean-Kevin Augustin

Maxwell Cornet

Yago Pikachu

Norman Conquest

David Seaman

Dean Windass

Stanislav Semen

Andre Muff

Mario Turdo

Ralf Minge

David Goodwill


Danger Fourpence

Argelico Fucks

Wolfgang Wolf

Danny Shittu

Stefan Kuntz

Brian Pinas

This list will be updated as more silly footballer names become known

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