What Is Wayne Rooney Growing In His Garden?

Who would have thought a man who plays a sport in which you can't use your hands would have a green thumb?

Wayne Rooney has been working in a community garden as part of his punishment for drunk driving, and, according to the BBC, he has been enjoying it.

So, let's see what Wayne Rooney has been growing in his garden, shall we? This is exclusive information obtained by The18 and is DEFINITELY NOT made up. Nope. Not at all. All real and 100 percent true. Trust us.


Well that's nice! Good starch. Potatoes make up the world's fourth-largest food source, according to Wikipedia. Also a good source of vitamin B6 and vitamin C.


Can't have mushy peas without peas. We've always said that.




Don't let Bugs Bunny get hold of them! Ha ha ha.

Bangers & Mash

Aren't those just potatoes and sausages? Don't you already have potatoes? How does one go about growing a sausage? Whatever.


Marouane Fellaini

It has long been suspected around these parts that Marouane Fellaini is actually a tree.

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams is also rumored to be a tree.

A Cabbage Shaped Like Sam Allardyce's Head

Wonder if he did that on purpose?

The Lord Of The Flies

Get out of there, Wayne. Hurry.

A Forbidden Apple

Do not get tricked into eating that by a snake!


What exactly are you planning here, Wayne? Do not poison anyone!

Some Rocks

Those are not plants, Wayne, you cannot plant those!

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