Gaetano Letizia Is Crafty Like A Cat

You may think Benevento fullback Gaetano Letizia fell on his face, but it was really all a ruse for a magnificent piece of skill.

If Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a lion, Gaetano Letizia is a regular, domesticated house cat. 

Cats are prideful animals — anything they do, they totally meant to do it. When a cat does anything wrong, like failing to properly measure a jump, the cat will always try to shake it off and pretend it was deliberate. 

Which brings us to this lovely piece of skill from Gaetano Letizia, a Benevento fullback in Serie A. Letizia was surging up the right flank in the first half of Benevento’s match with SPAL when, out of nowhere, he inexplicably sprawled out head-first toward the ground. 

But, just like a cat, Letizia played it off like the forward dive was on purpose, as if it was all a ruse. Perhaps it was a ruse. The right back immediately got up and adroitly dribbled around two defenders closing in on him in hopes of dispossessing the man who hilariously fell on his face.

If that’s not crafty like a cat, I don’t know what is. 

Benevento, which hasn’t won a match all season, actually took the lead on an own goal in the 59th minute. But Sergio Floccari scored twice to rally SPAL to a 2-1 victory.

So as we see it, this move from Gaetano Letizia is Benevento’s closest thing to a win this season.

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