What Is Stoppage Time In Soccer?

Stoppage time — when fans and players frantically lose their minds as everyone scurries for a goal or to confront the referee. Nonetheless, what is stoppage time?

Stoppage time, not to be confused with injury time, is the time added to a football match that accounts to the time where the playing literally has stopped. Moments before the 45- and 90-minute marks, stoppage time is declared and ranges usually between one to five minutes, but it can be longer.

Let’s not forget Wayne Rooney’s recent, maniacal stoppage time move. Remember kids, if there is a will, there is a way.

Stoppage time is dictated by non-play occurrences such as:

  • Substitutions
  • Assessment of injury to players (highly related to injury time though)
  • Removal of injured players from the field (also related to injury time)
  • Wasting time (see Jose Mourinho defense tactics)
  • Goal celebrations
  • Moments dictated by referee or officials as wasted non-playing time

In most cases, the fourth official dictates the amount of time for stoppages. The fourth official usually carries two watches. One watch is stopped every time something from the list happens and the other watch runs to count that lost time.

We can think of stoppage time as often the most exciting part of a match, especially when there’s a draw involved. Otherwise, teams are doomed to extra time (visit The18.com for that, we got you covered!)

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