Wenger Watch: The Tie That Binds

A draw? Who could possibly have seen this coming? The Wenger Watch did.

In Thursday's Wenger Watch European special, we ended with "Arsenal play Chelsea on Sunday, which means the Wenger-O-Meter will be in a much sillier position next week. Unless they tie."

Well, guess what happened? They tied! 0-0!

Therefore, true to the Wenger Watch's word, we are keeping the Wenger-O-Meter in the exact same position we had it in on Thursday, which, as you may recall, was in the MIDDLE. Neither IN nor OUT. SCHRODINGER'S FRENCHMAN.

Arsene Wenger

Drawing Chelsea is a better result than many Arsenal fans expected, given the last time Arsenal went up against a fellow big club (the demolition at the hands of Liverpool just before the transfer deadline that sent the Wenger-O-Meter spiralling out of control). So, progress! Or something! Arsenal have been beating the teams they're supposed to as of late, and they weren't supposed to beat Chelsea, so everything is looking, uh, normal.

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