Wenger Watch Carabao Cup Special: Survive And Advance

Arsenal did enough against Doncaster Rovers. They will probably do enough against Norwich City next round, too.

Arsenal took care of business in their Carabao (which we are pronouncing CaraBOW with extra emphasis on the BOW) Cup clash against Doncaster Rovers. Theo Walcott scored. Alexis dribbled a lot. Olivier Giroud tried two overhead kicks. Arsenal saved two goals in situations that involved beleaguered Arsenal defenders making horrible mistakes but being so much faster than the Doncaster forwards it didn't matter. Jack Wilshere played.

So, nothing to worry about, really. Survive and advance.

To reflect the fact that Arsenal have both survived AND advanced we have adjusted the Wenger-O-Meter to slightly IN.

Wenger Watch

No one bosses league cups like this man. NO ONE.

This seems like the proper forum to bring up Doncaster's amazing free kick attempt that was actually real and happened.

Oh yes. That's the good stuff. Uncut.

Anyway, it has been quite some time since Arsenal have lost a match. Things are looking up, but this roller coaster ride is just getting started. Probably.

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