Kingsley Coman Ended A Man's Life

Y'all, this is a funeral. We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Schalke defender Thilo Kehrer, tragically taken from us too soon at the tender age of 20. He made those few years count, though, fulfilling his dream to become a professional soccer player.

Death comes for us all eventually, and God and Kingsley Coman decided yesterday that Kehrer's time has come. It is not my place to question the decisions of the almighty, his divine grace has a plan for us all, and when our time us up it is up.

Now, Thilo Kehrer is in the arms of the heavenly father, in a better place.

We will never forget the gruesome details of Kehrer's demise, being roasted alive by Kingsley Coman until the point of death. We can be thankful Kehrer's pain is at an end.

Rest in peace.

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