Watch This Sheep Perfectly Demonstrate How To Shut Down A Counterattack

Masters of counterattack suppression: Sergio Busquets, N'golo Kante, Nemanja Matic, Casemiro, Jordan Henderson and this sheep.

Counterattack mitigation is probably the most important skill in any defensive midfielder's arsenal. Often tasked with protecting a vulnerable back line, elite defensive midfielders must get their spacing and decision-making correct every time.

Watch as this sheep perfecly demonstrates the correct way to stop a counterattack: it stays in front of the attacker and jams on the brakes, leaving the offensive player with nowhere to go and no choice but to slow down too. This allows the sheep's teammates to recover to their defensive positions, ending any chance the attacking team had of an odd-man break. The sheep does all this without fouling, which is mighty impressive.

Warning: foul does not even begin to describe the language used in this video.


And, judging by how angry that Scot was, the sheep may bave baited him into a yellow card, which would just be icing on the cake.

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