Watch Me Wear 10 Masks In 95° Heat During An Intense Soccer Workout To Prove You Can Still Breathe

This was intense for my standards, to be fair.

The mask debate in this country is thankfully dying down. Despite lingering efforts to counteract mask-wearing, including an attempt from a USMNT player, the majority of people in the U.S. have agreed to cover their damn mouth. 

For the minority that insists to spew their ridiculous conspiracy theories about masks suffocating them or choking them, I have taken it upon myself to disprove them. To clarify, I do understand that a small portion of people have health effects that physically prevent them from wearing a mask. This video is more directed at people like this.


Wearing a mask to not spread a disease that will kill Grandma isn't communism, it’s common decency. If I can wear 10 masks while doing a soccer workout, then you can absolutely wear one at the store.

Now to move on to why you’re actually here. You didn’t come here to hear another person blab about the importance of masks. You’re here to watch my goofy ass lace up in my flashy new boots, wear 10 masks and suffer through the summer heat.

Here is how I learned that masks won’t suffocate you and that I probably don’t deserve to write about this sport considering how bad I am at it.

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