This Unintentional Masterpiece Is One In A Million

So many things could’ve gone wrong, but in the end, it was a beautiful goal.

First off, I just have to say I love how this guy absolutely hammers the ball without bothering to do anything whatsoever with his body shape. If I opened a footballing school for the gifted, this is the technique I would impart to my pupils. If ever, ever the ball the ball sits nicely in front of you, preferably on the bounce, just lace it. It’ll be worth it, no matter what happens. 

But what happens next, after he catches that sumbitch flush, is a miracle. 

We’ve got Jerry over there picking daisies! I don’t blame him, this is a beautifully scenic spot for a football match. He’s just lucky that the ball meeting his face didn’t result in early onset dementia. Instead, it’s caught him right in the sweet spot, right at the center where the hairline is.

His celebration, pointing at the ball in the net in total disbelief, should almost certainly be included in FIFA 18.

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