Throwback: Goalkeeper Error Leads To Unbelievable Equalizer

Some goalkeeper mistakes are forgivable — others are so ridiculous they end up as stories you just can't make up.

The life of a goalkeeper is a difficult one. If any other player on the field makes a mistake, they are usually forgiven pretty quickly. Goalkeepers, on the other hand, are expected to be perfect. Even the smallest mistake could ruin a keeper's entire career. Robert Green is a perfect example of this.

I believe goalkeepers do deserve a little more slack during games. That being said, some mistakes aren't really forgivable, and, with the way they pan out, can end up being pretty ridiculous.

Take Vedran Janjetovic for example. Janjetovic is the goalkeeper for Western Sydney Wanderers in the A-League. Back in January, the Wanderers were up 2-1 against Brisbane Roar FC. You are deep into stoppage time, so all you have to do is play it safe and not give Brisbane any scoring opportunities. But Janjetovic does this:

The fact that Brisbane equalizes off the corner makes it that much worse.

I understand that he wants to control the ball and kill off more time, but there is a point where you have to realize certain risks are not worth the time you can waste. Let the ball go out for a goal kick and waste time from there.

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