Teens Prank Stadium PA Into Asking Crowd For A Sexual Favor During FA Trophy Match

A well-executed prank worthy of praise. Well done, lads.

Teen boys can be juvenile, crude, lewd, rude — and hilarious.

Case in point: an FA Trophy match (basically a lesser version of the FA Cup) on Tuesday between National League side AFC Fylde and Northern Premier League club Ramsbottom United (no, that’s not the joke). 

During the match, the public address announcer was conned into reading a lascivious statement over the PA. 

Three teenagers were able to convince the PA announcer that they needed a vehicle moved for an emergency and gave him the license plate to read out. It was a Bart Simpson gag if Bart Simpson ever grew out of fourth grade humor.

Now, being an American I have no fucking clue what a Nissan Micra is (nor do I want to know), but the alleged license plate read: NE14 ABJ. Not realizing it would sound like he was offering fellatio to the entire stadium, the PA announcer read it out to the crowd.

One of the pranksters caught it on video.

“He actually did it,” giggled one of the boys. 

Brilliant work, lads. And just in time for Valentine's Day. 

Fortunately, the AFC Fylde crew had some fun with it, and even tried to one-up the boys with a compilation video of Bart Simpson’s prank calls.

Oh, and Fylde won the match, 4-1. The club will play Barnet in 10 days in the fourth round of the FA Trophy. Not that anyone really cares about that when there are still plenty of juvenile jokes about rams' bottoms left on the table. 

(H/T SI.com)

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