Shinji Kagawa Nutmegged A Small Child Until It Cried

Do not let Borussia DOrtmund attacker Shinji Kagawa babysit your children. Not because of anything weird, but necause Kagawa will spend the whole night nutmegging your children until they are teary balls of sadness.

Watch Kagawa mercilessly nutmeg this small child until the child has simply had enough and bursts into tears.

Is that what you want? No. That is not what anyone wants, except for people who watch a lot of videos on the Internet. 

Hopefully the small child in the video can use this as a learning experience, a catalyst to working harder, training better and making damn sure he is never nutmegged until he cries by a Borussia Dortmund player/Japanese international ever again.

As for Kagawa, seriously, don't let him babysit.

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