Roma's Commentator Hilariously Screams His Head Off After Manolas Goal

Roma completed one of the biggest comebacks in Champions League history by overcoming a 4-1 deficit after the first leg in Barcelona. They advanced to the semifinals on away goals after winning the second leg 3-0. When Manolas headed in the game-winning goal everyone (except Barca fans) went crazy: the players, the coaches, the fans, but the best reaction came from Roma’s commentator. This man was screeching like a little kid who got Nintendo 64 for Christmas.

Then, he only seems to know three words: Manolas, mamma, and mia. As if he only can say who scored the goal and what his favorite ABBA song is or he's channeling his inner Super Mario.

Poor Messi will not be able to stop Real Madrid from securing yet another Champions League title. Now, is there any other team that can?

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