If Roma Win The Champions League, The President's Celebration Will Be Legendary

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you've heard about Roma’s fantastic comeback against Barcelona.

The first leg of the Champions League quarter-final matchup saw Barcelona beat the Italian side 4-1 at the Camp Nou, and just about every man and their dog thought that was going to be it. No one gave Roma a chance in the second leg, but they did what many people believed to be impossible: defeated the Catalan giants 3-0 at the Stadio Olimpico to shock the world and book their place in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

With such a crazy win, of course, there had to be crazy celebrations amongst those witnessing the spectacle.

One man stole the show in terms of celebrations. Roma’s club president James Pallotta decided that he would dive into the Piazza del Popolo fountain. He was so ecstatic with the result that he decided to hurl himself into the water in his clothes. The video even includes Baywatch music for increased dramatic effect. Soccer makes people do crazy things.

Here's the reason Roma MUST win the Champions League: we MUST find out how Pallotta will top his fountain celebration.

Vegas has probably already opened betting on the celebration that will happen if Roma wins the Champions League. Here are some of the likely best bets:

4/1 = He does a John Terry and runs onto the field to celebrate in full kit despite not playing

10/1 = Pallotta performs a gladiator battle in the Colosseum

15/1 = He single-handedly sacks the city of Kiev after the final and proclaims his new territory as "Romaev"

30/1 = Pallotta decides to bring balance to the Force

50/1 = Pallotta registers himself as a player next season and demands he starts at striker

There are limitless possibilities as to how Mr. Pallotta will celebrate if Roma makes it that far. Data analytics site 538 gives them a 24% chance of making the final, and then only an 8% chance of winning the damn thing. Time will tell whether Roma make it to the final, but we think it’s pretty clear why they NEED to win. Forza Roma!

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