Ay Caramba! These Mexico World Cup Goals Are Loco!

A Manuel Negrete goal vs. Bulgaria in 1986 was recently named the best goal in World Cup history.

However, Mexico has scored plenty of memorable goals in football's most important competition over the years.

Mexico world cup goals

Photo: @canteratv_ | Twitter

So we thought it was worth making a compilation of El Tri's most staggering World Cup goals as a tribute to that unbelievable strike by Manuel Negrete.

Rafael Márquez (Mexico vs. Argentina, 2006)

El Tri has a certain ability to illusion their fans greatly and then let them all down miserably, especially when it comes to the Round of 16.

The 2006 World Cup was no exception as Rafa Márquez put Mexico ahead early in the game with this superb goal.

The match would end with a 2-1 extra-time defeat for Mexico though.

Luis Hernández (México vs. Germany, 1998)

El Matador is one of Mexico's most beloved forwards. Maybe it was his great hairstyle or his personal charisma, who knows.

Truth is he would score vital goals in crucial moments.

This goal vs. Germany during the 1998 World Cup Round of 16 fixture is proof of his insatiable thirst for goals.

Cuauhtémoc Blanco (Mexico vs. Belgium, 1998)

Cuauhtémoc Blanco is no doubt one of the most talented Mexican players ever to play the beautiful game. 

Moreover, Blanco was always a man of character.

He would bear the whole team on his shoulders not only by means of his personality and determination, but also with his insuperable quality.

This goal vs Belgium in 1998 is one of the hallmarks in his career.

Giovani dos Santos (Mexico vs. Netherlands, 2014)

Another Round-of-16 goal that got the whole country dreaming.

Early in the second half, Giovani Dos Santos scored this long range screamer against the Netherlands, putting El Tri ahead.

No one in Mexico will forget how that nefarious match ended.


Jared Borgetti (Mexico vs. Italy, 2002)

What a beauty! Just look at Cuauhtémoc Blanco provide an out-of-this-world assist to Jared Borgetti.

And the way Borgetti jumps into the air and brilliantly sends the ball into the net with a wonderful header.

Simply nothing to do for the goalkeeper.

An absolutely artistic choreography.

Manuel Negrete (Mexico vs. Bulgaria, 1986)

This is the goal everyone is talking about. Manuel Negrete's scissor kick against Bulgaria in 1986 has been voted the best goal in World Cup history.

Of course, there is room for controversy as to whether this goal is better than that of Maradona vs. England the same year or other marvelous World Cup goals for that matter.

However, you can't deny this was a wonderful strike.

Javier Hernández (Mexico vs. Argentina, 2010)

El Tri was battling a steep 3-0 deficit when they faced Argentina in a 2010 Round of 16 fixture.

Mexico kept pushing and finally Chicharito, who signed for Manchester United that same year, scored this wonderful goal.

Gerardo Torrado (Mexico vs. Ecuador, 2002)

Things were looking good for Mexico in 2002 as it finished first place of its group ahead of Italy.

El Tri defeated Ecuador and Croatia and then tied with Italy.

This Gerardo Torrado goal against Ecuador was one brilliant moment of that World Cup for Mexico.

No one in Mexico expected El Tri would be eliminated by the USMNT in the Round of 16. 

What a heartbreaking moment!

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