Watch The Brawl That Triggered The Record For The Most Red Cards Ever Shown

Spoiler alert: every single player on the pitch got a red . . . and then 14 others.

You know a dirty game when you see one. Players go flying into tackles, things get chippy and the referee absolutely loses control of the match. Two or three red cards in a match is enough to make people cringe, but how about 36?

No, that’s not a typo — 36 red cards. In one game.

The chaos occurred in 2011 during a match in the Argentine fifth division between rivals Claypole and Victoriano Arenas. In the first half, the game was perhaps just like any other dirty game . . . a couple players got sent off, tensions were high and the intensity of the challenges kept increasing.

Eventually, everything boiled over and all hell broke loose. A massive brawl broke out between the players on the field, then the substitutes got involved and coaches were soon letting their fists fly.

Poor referee Damian Rubino was left utterly helpless as the violence descended upon him. He later filed a match report in which he saw it appropriate to send every single player off along with the substitutes and coaches. In total, 36 people were brandished red cards. Yikes.

This is one record we hope to never see get broken.

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